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The market …

It was a new market. A brand new market.  In fact it was a market, that I now realise, a lot of people didn’t even know was on!!

Do you see where this is leading?

It was a farcical.  It was an unmitigated disaster. It was a COMPLETE WASTE OF TIME.

The day dawned bright, sunny and still which, after the wild windy weather we had last week, seemed like a good omen.

The setting up went well.  Even the fabric wrapped stones (???) I had quickly made up the night before to stop everything blowing of my stall looked OK – not great mind but OK.

I was ready.  The start of the market was 10am.  In fact there never was a ‘start’ to the market but there was definitely an end.

The end came when the regional motorcycle touring club starting rolling up and parking in the square.  Slowly, slowly I was engulfed.  By motorbikes decked out in their Christmas finest and lots and lots of bikers.  I should have been glad of people of any sort but they weren’t really the right demographic for pretty little dresses.  And their bikes gave off lots of petrol fumes.

I was the first one to leave.  I think I felt every emotion there was that day.  When I started packing up the major one was relief.  Relief not to be sitting there with no-one, and I repeat no-one, looking!  (Well that might be a bit of an exaggeration – I suppose about 15 people came through the square in 3 hours!)

Relief gave way to huge disappointment and then crying!  Yes, I cried over it.  Luckily no-one was at home so I had my little sob and then got on with things.

It wasn’t a totally wasted exercise because I learnt a lot.  I’m still processing things from the whole event and will probably put them in here soon to help clarfiy things for me.

But for now thanks.  Thank you to everyone for all the good wishes and the great comments on my clothes.  If you had all been able to be there it would have been a fantastic day.  The bubbly I had in the fridge didn’t get drunk on Saturday night, it just didn’t seem right.  However, it and its sister (I had to get two because they were on such a good special) did get drunk on Sunday night, along with some beer (me) and gin (other half).  OMG I haven’t got drunk since before I was pregnant with Little Miss Brown – that’s 6 years ago.  It was fun.  It really was fun.  Monday wasn’t quite so much fun! xx

I obviously realised that I would laugh about this all one day when I took this photo.  Can you see my stall?  It’s in between the two trees.  Can’t you see it?  Oh no there’s too many bloody bikes!


My creative space …

has spread all over the house whilst I am preparing for my first market this weekend.  2 more days to go and enough things to do to fill many more!  Head over to Kirsty’s to see many more lovely creative spaces.

I’m also taking part, for the first time, in Sew, Mama, Sew!’s Giveawayclick here if you fancy entering my part of this huge giveaway.  Thanks. x

Sew, Mama, Sew! Giveaway

I had so much fun going from blog to blog on the last giveway and seeing what all you crafty people were up to that I’m  really looking forward to taking part in this one myself.  So here it is!  Welcome to you all – thank you so much for visiting and hopefully you’ll see something below that you like and so will enter my giveaway!  I am very happy to post anywhere in the world.

Now I am going to ask for something in return.  Nothing big, think of it as a favour maybe!  But because I am going to ask for something I’m going to have four winners drawn.  So, should I ask the favour first or should I tell what’s on offer first?!!

Favour first!  I’m preparing for my first handmade, craft market this weekend and as such have been busy making, making, making and I could really do with some feedback.  I’ve uploaded some photos to flickr and wondered if you’d be so kind as to pop on over and let me know what you think.  Do you like?  Do you not like?  Any fabrics you prefer?  etc, etc.  So you see it’s not that big but it does mean you have to click somewhere else too!  If you fancy playing along just CLICK HERE to see my flickr page. 


Part One:

EITHER a DRESS OR a pair of TROUSERS similar in style to those shown, made to fit your child’s measuremements (age 12 months to 5 years) in colourways to be discussed.  All the material I use is vintage, recycled, upcycled and I have a fair stash so I’m sure between us we can find something you’ll like.  When entering please specify whether you’d prefer dress or trousers.

Part Two:

Everybody who enters the giveaway will also be put into the draw for a MYSTERY PRIZE, in fact there will be TWO.  It will be something do with sewing/fabric/buttons – you get the picture?

So there it is.  All comments will be very gratefully accepted and I hope the giveaways tempt to you to comment!  One entry for each comment, plus THREE more ENTRIES if you link to this giveaway on your blog.  Giveaway is open until 6 December 2009, after which the draw will take place.

Many, many thanks! xx

in return

A very quick update …


Today I have been a sewing mama. 

I have not been a brusher of hair.  I have not been a brusher of teeth.  I have not been a maker or provider of food.  I have not, in short, been a mama!

Market mania has hit the house but fear not their Dad has finished up college for the year so they had a lovely day with him!

Some more photos have been uploaded to flickr of the finished items.  Unfortunately the day has been very, very wet and grey so apologies for the dark photos. x

A touch of early morning madness …

This morning I have:

  • made breakfast for the girls
  • drank two cups of tea and one cup of coffee
  • cut out 5 skirts and 5 bags to be made up later for the market
  • done 4 loads of washing and got it on the line (another 2 to go but that’s because I went op shopping yesterday and found LOTS of material!!)
  • photographed some things I made earlier this week

and IT’S NOT YET 10AM!!!! 

Am I superwoman?  No.  I was just woken up at the incredibly antisocial hour of 5.25am.  Ah well the rain has stopped and it’s blue, sunny skies all around so I can’t really complain.

So onto finished items!  Last week I had a peek over at Attic24 and saw that Lucy had some really cool crochet birds up on her blog – and  a tutorial to boot.  So I got me some yarn from the stash and set about making up the robins.  I have joined up for the Handmade Christmas Ornament Swap run by Louise over at Twenty Cent Mixutre and thought these might just be the answer.

One more to go and then can all fly away to their new homes.  And all way before the posting deadline – I have to say I’m very impressed with myself!

So I followed the link on Attic24 over to The Royal Sisters blog because I really wanted to see more of the Grandma Twinkles!!  Great tutorial and I got making. 

I spent the time at the beach with my crochet bag and I loved it!  Since finishing this blanket (and I use the word finishing loosely because the ends STILL need darning in!) I’ve not crochet anything and I find I’ve missed it.  It’s easy, it’s relaxing and I can do it with the girls right there!  Little Miss Brown was watching eagerly whilst I made up a star and then stated: “Wow Mum that used to be just rope!”  Then I saw the Grandma Trees so of course that came next.

So I was a happy hooker for a couple of days and am still going strong when I’m just too tired to do anything else!  Isn’t blogland wonderful?  You find these lovely blogs full of inspiration and tutorials for how to make them yourselves.  I also need to say a BIG THANKYOU to the two lovely ladies who have said it’s OK for me to sell things made from their tutorials at my first ever market – how COOL IS THAT?!!!  Many, many thanks ladies. xx

My creative space … and some questions please!

With Christmas postal deadlines looming and a market to prepare for I really should have stayed focussed, however having seen this lovely use of scraps and then linking to the tutorial I got distracted!  The result?  A 16″ quilted square to be used for … something!  I loved doing it and what a great use of little scraps, and I have PLENTY of those!

I didn’t feel too guilty because I’ve managed to get lots done, see here, and, as you can see, the doll is almost done.  It’s the first time I’ve made a doll and the face has been a sticking point – really all I need to do is the mouth but I seem to be stuck!

The two little notebooks were made from recyled paper with vintage picture book covers – an idea for the market.

So this is where I have my QUESTIONS.  I have seen how willingly many of you give advice/info/tips and I’d really like to tap into that if I may.  I know that a lot of you have done markets before and also that a lot of you go to craft markets. 

I guess my questions are:

Do you have any tips for me or can you point me to a blog/website that could help? 

Have any of you spent a lot of time doing something prior to a market only for it to be not be necessary? 

Did you find at your first market that you really wish you did/had something that would have made your life easier? 

Any practical tips for setting up a stall? 

Would you tend to make lots of a couple of products or less of more products?

And so the list goes on.  Really anything would help.  I’m very excited about the prospect of doing a market but would truly welcome any advice!

And of course I couldn’t ask for something and not give in return because that just wouldn’t be fair!  So as a BIG THANK YOU for any comments on this post EVERYONE will go into a hat and a person will be picked for a little something.  That little something hasn’t been made yet but I’m thinking vintage fabric, buttons, linens, Christmas ……..

Many thanks in anticipation! xx

Oh and be sure to check out everyone else’s creative space over at Kirsty’s.