About Us

I don’t really like labels but I guess they have their uses sometimes.  So here I am trying a few on for size …

One 30+ (or should I say +++!) English girl, wife, mama, sewer, crafter, garage saler, op shopper ……

One 30+ Kiwi guy, husband, dad, trainee furniture maker!

Little Miss Brown – just 5

Little Miss Blue – just 3

After much journeying we are currently living in the Manawatu District in New Zealand due to the fact my darling husband has returned to college to do a furniture making and design course. 

My two little girls are at home with me and, in fact, today is the first day of our homeschooling adventure.

We are working towards living a simpler, greener life  – we recycle, upcycle, repurpose, re-use, reduce etc, etc, etc.  And we make, make, make.  As Little Miss Blue said yesterday “What are you making today Dada?”!


2 responses to “About Us

  1. Sounds like a great life. Way to go!

  2. good luck with your homeschooling adventure! i was homeschooled on and off and i loved it. i know it’s waaaaay too early for me to be thinking about this since my bubba’s only 1, but i’m definitely planning on homeschooling too. =)
    thanks for saying hi over at my blog too, btw!

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