It’s just wrong!


 we put up the Christmas tree


we put up the paddling pool for the first time this year.


We also had an accident that resulted in Little Miss Brown’s first black eye – ouch, I heard the collision from inside!!!!

I also came across a couple of blog posts that really resonated me:

Gina from clutterpunk wrote about Slumpsville

Leonie from Raglan Guld wrote about I lost my mind once …

Hope you all have a great weekend! x


5 responses to “It’s just wrong!

  1. Yeah, yesterday felt like the middle of January! Scary.

  2. We have four seasons in one day here in the valley at the moment ~ still waiting for it to be warm enough for that first swim. Hope the eye has improved. xx

  3. Received my apron just a few days ago. Looooove it! Thank you so much, you are amazing. xoxo

  4. hope your new year has started well.

  5. still out there somewhere? ;o)

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