The market …

It was a new market. A brand new market.  In fact it was a market, that I now realise, a lot of people didn’t even know was on!!

Do you see where this is leading?

It was a farcical.  It was an unmitigated disaster. It was a COMPLETE WASTE OF TIME.

The day dawned bright, sunny and still which, after the wild windy weather we had last week, seemed like a good omen.

The setting up went well.  Even the fabric wrapped stones (???) I had quickly made up the night before to stop everything blowing of my stall looked OK – not great mind but OK.

I was ready.  The start of the market was 10am.  In fact there never was a ‘start’ to the market but there was definitely an end.

The end came when the regional motorcycle touring club starting rolling up and parking in the square.  Slowly, slowly I was engulfed.  By motorbikes decked out in their Christmas finest and lots and lots of bikers.  I should have been glad of people of any sort but they weren’t really the right demographic for pretty little dresses.  And their bikes gave off lots of petrol fumes.

I was the first one to leave.  I think I felt every emotion there was that day.  When I started packing up the major one was relief.  Relief not to be sitting there with no-one, and I repeat no-one, looking!  (Well that might be a bit of an exaggeration – I suppose about 15 people came through the square in 3 hours!)

Relief gave way to huge disappointment and then crying!  Yes, I cried over it.  Luckily no-one was at home so I had my little sob and then got on with things.

It wasn’t a totally wasted exercise because I learnt a lot.  I’m still processing things from the whole event and will probably put them in here soon to help clarfiy things for me.

But for now thanks.  Thank you to everyone for all the good wishes and the great comments on my clothes.  If you had all been able to be there it would have been a fantastic day.  The bubbly I had in the fridge didn’t get drunk on Saturday night, it just didn’t seem right.  However, it and its sister (I had to get two because they were on such a good special) did get drunk on Sunday night, along with some beer (me) and gin (other half).  OMG I haven’t got drunk since before I was pregnant with Little Miss Brown – that’s 6 years ago.  It was fun.  It really was fun.  Monday wasn’t quite so much fun! xx

I obviously realised that I would laugh about this all one day when I took this photo.  Can you see my stall?  It’s in between the two trees.  Can’t you see it?  Oh no there’s too many bloody bikes!


6 responses to “The market …

  1. Wow. WOW. That sounds just horrid. What a disaster.

    On the bright side, the disaster had ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with your beautiful stock. It was all about the fact that it was poorly organised and badly (if at all?!) advertised.

    Learning curves are so very FUN, aren’t they? You poor thing… onwards and upwards.

  2. oh no, what a terrible first market experience!
    But you know what, now you have lots of wonderful things to start yourself a little Felt shop, and maybe an Etsy shop too. Your things are wonderful! I love them! I’m impressed with how much you got made.

  3. Oh you poor thing, after all that hard work. I would have had a good cry too. DH would have gone off to inspect all the bikes…

  4. I am so sorry to hear that it was so badly organised. It makes me just want to cover a motor cycle with graffiti knitting on your behalf.

  5. oh.. you have my sympathies…what a horrid experience…
    ( I scrolled right back to see what you had been making…it all looked so lovely ! )
    on a brighter note…just wanted to say welcome to the ANZAC quilting bee !

  6. Oh no!! How awful!

    Your projects are all so lovely, though — you should set up an etsy shop for sure!!

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