Sew, Mama, Sew! Giveaway

I had so much fun going from blog to blog on the last giveway and seeing what all you crafty people were up to that I’m  really looking forward to taking part in this one myself.  So here it is!  Welcome to you all – thank you so much for visiting and hopefully you’ll see something below that you like and so will enter my giveaway!  I am very happy to post anywhere in the world.

Now I am going to ask for something in return.  Nothing big, think of it as a favour maybe!  But because I am going to ask for something I’m going to have four winners drawn.  So, should I ask the favour first or should I tell what’s on offer first?!!

Favour first!  I’m preparing for my first handmade, craft market this weekend and as such have been busy making, making, making and I could really do with some feedback.  I’ve uploaded some photos to flickr and wondered if you’d be so kind as to pop on over and let me know what you think.  Do you like?  Do you not like?  Any fabrics you prefer?  etc, etc.  So you see it’s not that big but it does mean you have to click somewhere else too!  If you fancy playing along just CLICK HERE to see my flickr page. 


Part One:

EITHER a DRESS OR a pair of TROUSERS similar in style to those shown, made to fit your child’s measuremements (age 12 months to 5 years) in colourways to be discussed.  All the material I use is vintage, recycled, upcycled and I have a fair stash so I’m sure between us we can find something you’ll like.  When entering please specify whether you’d prefer dress or trousers.

Part Two:

Everybody who enters the giveaway will also be put into the draw for a MYSTERY PRIZE, in fact there will be TWO.  It will be something do with sewing/fabric/buttons – you get the picture?

So there it is.  All comments will be very gratefully accepted and I hope the giveaways tempt to you to comment!  One entry for each comment, plus THREE more ENTRIES if you link to this giveaway on your blog.  Giveaway is open until 6 December 2009, after which the draw will take place.

Many, many thanks! xx

in return


173 responses to “Sew, Mama, Sew! Giveaway

  1. Like all the fabrics and am very keen for the re-using of fabrics. Well done.

  2. Love your choice of fabrics:)
    Please count me in!

  3. I love the fabrics that you use. Just beautiful.

  4. Long-Winded Lauren

    I love your fabrics. The dresses with matching hats and bags are adorable! My daughter would be in heaven. It’s all very, very good!

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  5. I love the vibrant coloured fabrics…they all look wonderful 🙂 I wish I could attend the market

  6. Okay, I really tried to offer constructive criticism, but I truly loved everything! Loved all your prints and the clothes are just adorable. Hope you didn’t mind all my silly comments. 🙂 I’m just jealous I don’t get to come to your show.

  7. I love how simple everything is–you really let the beautiful fabric speak. I also really love the vintage inspired prints!

  8. Hey there – cute stuff – I’m going to head over to flick and see if I can offer any constructive comments.

    Thanks for the chance to win and good luck at the market!

  9. I love the fabrics you use. The hats and smocks are just adorable

  10. I love the smocks the best – especially the beautiful ones in the brown range (and w/the retro prints!). Although the little pink pants with the cross on the leg are super cute too!

    Good luck at the market – I’m sure your wares will be hugely popular! I’m a sucker for vintage/upcycled/recycled fabrics. I think it’s amazing to see what new life they can be given.

  11. I love the picture of the red pants. I would love a little dress for my chubby little girl 🙂 she looks so cute in mama made

  12. LOVE that blue, teal, and green flowered fabric. It’s all gorgeous though, I think you’ll do well! Good luck!

  13. Wow…all your stuff is adorable! If I had to pick a favorite I’d say the khaki dress with the green and brown flowers! And the matching bag is to die for! 🙂 If I am lucky enough to win this giveaway, I would want the dress for my 3 year old! 🙂

  14. I think your dresses is where you’re going to make your money! Make sure you have plenty of inventory for that, the final dress you posted is beautiful and will sell really well! Pairing the khaki with any coordinating fabric would be perfect!

  15. please enter me ! thanks !!! have a great day !!!

  16. Wow, I love it all. The fabrics are simply perfect – just the right colors and vintage feel, simply stunning. I really like the petal hats too, the color combinations are great. The only item I’m not keen on is the dress pictures last in the photo stream and first in this post – I’m not a fan of the vertical split in the fabrics, but thats just not my style – I’m sure other’s would love it. I really like that fabric with the natural cotton though, and it’s great as an applique like you’ve pictured on the bottom neutral half.
    Really fabulous – thanks so much for the peak at your goods, and the chance to win something spectacular. 🙂

  17. You’re gonna sell out! It’s beautiful and eco-friendly and who wouldn’t want their kids wearing something so beautifully handmade. Good work–you’ll do great!

    Now, this is an incredibly generous giveaway and I want to thank you for the chance to win! My son would love a pair of pants should we be the lucky winners. Or my neice would love a dress. I’m flexible! Thanks again and go rock that craft show!

  18. Your stuff is great and looks so well made. I especially like the dresses with bags. Not suprisingly I’d love to win one of the dresses for my daughter. xx

  19. I love love love your work and your choice of fabrics!!!

  20. beautiful stuff! i really like the skirts with the flower embellishments, the trousers and the dresses. the pink small floral fabric is my fav.

  21. I am totally in love with the fabric you used on the bottom of these pants, pic DSC09265 and the last picture in your post plusand in this DSC09239, skirt and bag combo . I like girly fabrics with lots of different colors and very little white. I think white or cream is impractical for little ones who are very messy! Now that I’ve said that I’ll also add that my very favorite outfit is in picture DSC09152a also the top dress shown in your post . For some reason I am drawn to that, even though I normally don’t put my daughter in browns or blacks as I feel they are mature colors and she’ll have plenty of time to wear those colors when she’s older. I will also add that I think it’s really great how you have matching sets, that would be the biggest draw for me. I love the dresses with matching bag. Also, the sun hats are very cute, but little strings for windy days so they stay on little one’s heads would be a great addition. There how’s that for feedback☺ Good luck on your new endeavor!

  22. That green and white fabric is screaming my name! I love the pattern, the color, everything! And my littlest daughter would be fetching in that sweet dress!

  23. Blogged about it!

  24. So sweet and great idea to use vintage fabric.

  25. I really do love the fabric you use! I also love the pairings of the bags on the pictures! I think my favorite fabric is the swirly pink one or the flowers with the orange panel (and I HATE orange), but I love THAT!

  26. it’s nice combination of colours and looks lovely girlish:) pity my girl is older than five and youngest boys are 5 and 3.

  27. oh my goodness!! totally adorable! i would love to see my two year old girl in one of your dresses. my favorite fabric i think on your flickr page is the orange pear… so cute!
    thanks for the chance to win!

  28. Oooohhhh…. those are some gorgeous clothes! My child definitely has an appreciation for funky clothes, she would go nuts over these!

  29. You’ve got it going on with the dresses and the purses! I love the purses also with the buttons on them and the little dress with the flowers all down one side and a few on the other side. I have 3 daughters soooooo I’m kind of have an idea of what they would like!
    You are talented! Keep it up!

  30. I like the vintage-y look of the dresses especially. I think there is a trend now towards simpler styles for children, and you could really capitalize on the recycling/nostalgia angle.

  31. The hats and the dresses are very good together , why not make some small childbags to sell with the clothes. Little girls love bags….

  32. I love the floral fabrics. They’re almost pillow-casey, which I love. Though, I’m a sucker for almost any vintage fabric and gasped when I saw the pictures of the dresses at the top of your post. Good luck and thanks for the giveaway!

  33. You do such a great job! I would love a dress for my 4 year old little girl. She loves purses, so the matching purses with the dresses and skirts is such a great idea!
    Thanks for the chance to win such beautiful handmade items!

  34. What a generous giveaway – I love your work! I went to your Flickr site and really love most of it. I admit that some of the orange-y fabrics are a little too 70s for me (a risk when using vintage fabrics), but I know there are others who would love it. I would also recommend taking pictures outside, where possible, as the lighting and background outside seem like they’d be more interesting and complementary to your works than a table (and flash?).

  35. Oh these are so sweet!! I love the little dresses of course, since I have 2 girls ages 1 &4.
    I think your hats for the craft fair will be perfect. They are so sweet, and will come in handy for the sunny weather.
    Happy holidays!

  36. I love the matching skirts and bags. so cute!!

    I would love to win the dress!

  37. It’s probably not very helpful to say I love it all, but I do LOL! I am particularly fond of a few things, however. The dresses are adorable – particularly the khaki one with the brown and green flowers. Love, love, love that fabric! I also really like the skirt and bag combos. My 2 year old loves to carry little bags, so a matched set like that would be right up her alley. The little pants with the floral trim are great too – perfect use for little bits of vintage fabrics.

  38. As a fan of vintage fabric, buttons, trim, etc., I’m so happy to see another kindred spirit who appreciates these things, too. I can tell from your photos you will have a successful showing at the craft fair.

    Best of luck!

    secretcake (at) yahoo (dot) com

  39. I would love a dress for my little girl 🙂 I love the little hats you have. They make me want to take my baby to the beach! If only it weren’t getting to be winter here in NYC.

  40. What neat dresses! 🙂 Although, since I have nephews, I suppose I’ll enter for the trousers. 🙂

  41. I think the fabric choices are great. The hat/dress and bag/dress combos are especially cute. I like the trousers too though I think the ones with each legs with different fabric look a little odd. I like the solid ones with trim though!

  42. You have some beautiful fabrics, I think those are great! My favourites are definitely these:
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  43. I LOVE the fabrics you use!

  44. The pear fabric is fabulous! I also really like the trousers with banded fabric trim. Very nice! Thanks for the giveaway. alusco(at)centurytel(dot)net

  45. Congrats on your first market, I hope it goes well!
    I love your fabric, and I think all your products are super, the fabrics are really bright and funky, and the designs are simple. I think they should sell well.

  46. I love vintage fabrics — all of yours are so gorgeous! You will do fabulously with your craft market!

    My very favorite are the HATS! ~LOVE!!~

    I’d love a dress for my daughter!

  47. I would love a dress for my 4-year old.
    Now I will go comment (probably anonymously, as I haven’t used flickr in forever, but maybe as ananemone) on your flickr pictures. Good luck in your show!

  48. sorry, couldn’t comment on flickr and do not want a Yahoo account. I love the vintage letter books/notebooks and the style of the dresses. All of the tan and pink colorways are beautiful.
    What my daughter (4) always wants to know is if her dolls will have a dress like whatever dress I am buying. Also she is big into embellishment.

    Maybe you could make tiny matching doll dresses and/or pretty matching lacy or sequiny or buttony or something wristlets?

    Cool stuff.

  49. I love the hat and dress in blue! I don’t fancy the brown and green fabric just because I dislike brown and green together. You’re doing a great job!

  50. love the fabrics you choose! Thanks for the fab giveaway!

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  52. Gorgeous clothing. And your purses are just way too fabulous. I’m so glad I found you’re blog.

    albeaton (at) aol (dot) com

  53. I love your fabric choices. Goodluck with your market!

  54. I love the colors you use!

  55. the pear fabric is great…I wish I could wear those cute dresses!

  56. Adorable! My son would look sweet in the trousers.

  57. I love the dresses with matching hats! My little 1 1/2 year old girl would look smashing in one of those! 🙂

  58. These are fantastic. I can’t comment on the Flickr photos because I don’t have an account.
    I love the fabric you have used in the first photo on this post, and the outfits you made with it are wonderful. That is my favourite.
    My second favourite is the pink glitterly stripes (DSC09241), it’s very girly and cute.
    And in third place I like the blue with white polka dots (DSC09236).
    What a great job you have done. I don’t have a little one or any close friends with one so if I win first prize you can give it to someone else. xx B.

  59. I love your market items. They are adorable. My daughter would love the dresses and my son some of thos epants.

  60. Your market items are wonderful, I especially love the dresses and the little hats! But great fabrics.

  61. I love the hats!! How cute.

  62. Your stuff on flickr are all SO cute!! I love the vintage fabric and the look of the items that you make.
    I would love to win one of those cute dresses! Love the style!!

  63. I esp. love the pants, as so hard to get cool girls pants. Your stuff is so great – you should market your stuff on Flickr (titles and contact details for custom orders) and add your blog to your profile (ohh – and an online shop too!!!) I’m curious too about the vintage letters – are they cards or mini books? Fabulous anyway!

  64. I think it’s all gorgeous, I enjoyed look through your flickr photos. I’m sure the craft fair will be a great success.

  65. Beautiful clothes! I enjoyed browsing through the rest of your blog.

  66. The dresses are great (love all on flickr pg 3)! The design and the fabric selection are perfect. My daughter would love one.

    Your fabric pairings in your flickr site are quite pleasing. I like the ABC book pages for inspiration!

  67. I love the smock using the vintage blue/ green floral fabric

  68. emilyflippinmaruna

    I really like the denim with the flowers and I like the blues and greens a bit more than the pinks and the plaids, but none of the fabrics are bad. They are all very cute pieces. Thanks for the opportunity! My two girls would look adorable in these clothes. 🙂

  69. Well I like your fabrics, and I like the simple dress styles you have so no criticisms here! The fabrics are lovely and bright and fresh which are the kind that I’m drawn to – especially the one you’ve made that little pouch and skirt out of. I also love that you make the dresses in sizes up to 5, so many cute retro outfits are for littler kids only. I’m especially in love with DSC09166, the brown dress, although no doubt my daughter would prefer it in pink 🙂

    I learned to sew on that model Bernina too, my mum’s! Made me go all nostalgic seeing it in your photo up there.

  70. I really love the pairing of the the solids w/ the florals and think that your color choices are fab! I so appreciate all the oranges:) Thanks!

  71. I love that dress, but seeing as I only know boys, I’d have to go with the pants.

  72. Oh what cute dresses! I love your fabric as well! Where do you purchase (acquire) such cool fabric?

  73. Fabric LOVE – what beautiful items, thanks for the chance to enter your giveaway! Bset of luck with the markets!

  74. I love the way you use colourful prints in your makings! And the style of your dresses is lovely. I know at least one girl who would look wonderful in the dress with green and brown flowers!

    Good luck on the fare!

    And thanks for a very generous give away!

  75. The yellow hat is really fantastic, I love the fabrics !
    Other Items are lovely too, I really like the way you use different fabrics together (and I like your vintage fabrics !)

    Thnaks for this giveaway !

  76. they are very cute items!!

  77. I love your dresses, thats what I would choose. I love repurposing, I make kids sweaters out of thrift store sweaters, people love the fact that they are recycled!

  78. thanks for the generosity! i love your work, specially the use of colour and the attentions you pay to details. and also the fact that you recycle because i’m all for the environment.
    i really wish you all the success in the upcoming market.
    a kiss from Portugal!

  79. Thank you for your kindness and generousity! The jumpers you’ve made a very sweet!

  80. Wow! All of your fabrics are so wonderful! I’ve decided that my favorite aspect of your creations is the half-and-half look of some of your jumpers and trousers. I would proudly dress my daughter in any of your jumpers, but the pear fabric is my very favorite-est print you have! Thanks for sharing!

  81. I love the blue and white polka dots. I also love the little dresses and hats.

  82. Love your choice of thrift fabrics:)

    thanks for giveaway!

  83. I love the reversible hats, especially the yellow one.

    I’d choose the dress.

  84. I like most of the fabrics you have! (There was a green plaid/stripe and a blue/hearts I didn’t like so much.) All the other ones were neat! Thanks for the giveaway, and I’d prefer a dress for my little girl who’s 2!

  85. I think you have divine taste in fabric and colors! Your market will be a screaming success!! How wonderful for you to have a “daddy day” to help you finish up…good luck, and THANK YOU for giving!!

  86. The green and white floral is my favorite fabric!

  87. My grand daughter would look so cute in that dress. She is 4 and girlie girl who loves flowers.

  88. Love the little dresses! Thanks for such a great giveaway!

  89. Everything is beautiful! Great colors and fabrics! Thanks!

  90. i am a horrible critique – i loved it all. especially that you use vintange materials. also that you offer trousers for boys, since a lot of people stick to things for little girls only.

  91. cute cute cute! love the dress for an 18 month size…and doesn’t everyone love surprises?

  92. I clicked on through to your flicker page and all I can say is I wish I could go to the market you’re selling at! I truthfully loved everything there, especially the trousers and skirt and purse combos, and you definitely have an eye for fabric combos. Now I have to choose between a dress or trousers and I don’t know if I can do it! I think I’ll go with the trousers for my little boy since my girl gets lots of things already.

  93. I love them! The fabrics are great – I really, really love the dresses – makes me wish I had a girl!

  94. i would stop and shop with you at an artfaire, that’s for sure.

  95. I think we have VERY similar taste in fabrics and colors- I love it ALL! And I would definitely stop at your booth! I especially love the fabric that is on the cuffs of those sweet little denim pants.

  96. I like the fabrics my favorite are DSC09271 & DSC09269. I would love to win a little dress for my daughter, thank you for the chance to win! Have a wonderful Christmas. -dez


  97. I went to look at the pictures and I on the first page, I like the pinky flowers and the green fabric. They are vintage cool. (I like the pear but it seems to dated for me. And not crazy about the other fabric of the four.)
    I LOVE the flowery dress with the little bag.
    And, I really liked the brown dresses (normally, I’m not a brown person). What about combining the two browns like the other half and half dresses? Just and idea.
    Hope this helps. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE little kids clothes, much more fun than adult clothes, don’t you think? Jill

  98. All of it is wonderful. I really like the orange pairings, especially the blue.

  99. I think your fabrics are so cute. I love the reversible hats!

  100. wow, your fabrics are simply amazing!

  101. I think your workmanship looks spot on. I love the large floral you have used…especially on the jeans. also like the idea of adding a bag with skirt. the brown dresses were my favorites…i did add a few comments in flickr comment section to show which were my favorite. I think all your hard work will pay off. Pricing is the hardest part I think. so hard to know what to charge…so much work in coming up with what to make and fabrics to mix…but i find anything over $20 rarly sells. best of luck to you and thanks for the generous giveaway.

  102. Super cute stuff, I wouldn’t change anything.

  103. I love all your items, especially the skirt and bag sets, and the hats! Oh, and the little pouches! All adorable! I love the earthy green print, but they’re all cute!

  104. I don’t have any kiddos at my house, so you don’t need to include me in the draw, but I had to tell you that I LOVE the dresses. You chose some beautiful fabrics!! Any little girl would be lucky to have one in their closet!

  105. I was not able to see your pictures. But if it i s anything like the pictures that were seen in this post I think you are going to do just fine…..I have a four children and I am sure that I can think of something you can make for me!!!

  106. such cute fabrics! I love the cute little set because it is perfect for summertime, and that sun hat is way too cute!

    micaela6955 at msn dot com

  107. my pleasure! First of all love the dresses, especially the brown shades. and love, love, LOVE the mismatchy trousers. I made a pair similar to these for my little one, and she adores them! Good luck on your crafting adventure!

  108. Love the dresses… I’m due with a little girl in March so I hope I get the chance to win one for her!

    Thanks for doing this giveaway

  109. I love those little dresses, especially the modern touch of different fabrics used on each half.

  110. I love it all!! Your stuff is just so cute!

  111. All your items are really neat. If I win, I’d like the dress. Lovely! Thanks for the opportunity.

  112. I love your skirt/purse sets! Adorable and good luck at your market!

  113. i love your little hats and the fabrics you use. i think it would be helpful if you added titles and/or descriptions to your flickr pics. i know it takes more time! i would love a pair of trousers for my son. thanks for the opportunity! 🙂

  114. Everything looks adorable, but I’m partial to the skirt/bag sets, and the hats!

  115. I adore the dresses with matching hats and/or bags. My little niece would love them also. Your fabrics are very fun and springy. Love them all!

  116. I Loved everything as well…was curious about your notebooks? Vintage fabric or paper?? Very cool.

    And I left you some comments on flickr but have to agree with most here…your items are precious and I really think you’re going to be a smash hit. I think the only thing that distracted me from your overall style was the purple style print that seemed very busy amongst more clean line pieces??! Just my 2 cents…I’m sure someone will love it.

    I missed the event this year but will host a New Years Giveaway if you’re keen…

    Happy Holidays and thx for sharing

  117. hi
    i love the large print fabrics
    gill x

  118. Very nice. I especially like the little hats and the smock with the linen and flowers. I think cutting your vintage fabrics with plains and other prints works best.

  119. I really like the fabrics. They are very unique and lovely. I think that the little dress/jumper #DSC09165 is just to die for! But I would like to also say that I am less likely to buy pants that have legs that are made of different fabric. I like my bottoms (or my kids bottoms) to be one pattern or one color not a pattern and a color. I hope that helps and that my comment makes since. Thanks for the giveaway. Your sewing looks lovely.

  120. OK. I’ll give you my opinion, and I’ll be frank. It’s just an opinion, though 😉

    I like most of the fabrics. I am not into intrincate and really full fabrics. I prefer the geometric patterns or the really simple fabrics (for instance, the one with the daisies, beautiful!).

    As for the patterns, I really, really like the dresses and the bags. The skirts with the bags are also very cute, and I like the trousers as well. The hats are also really nice. If I had to buy something it would definitely be a dress, then some trousers, a hat, a skirt and a bag.

    I like your colour combination choices. I have always thought than the clothes in the shops, especially for little boys, are sometimes dull and monotonous, they all look the same! I try to dress my kids with clothes like yours.

    Hope that helps!


  121. your creations are beautiful, i love the colors, fabric and the designs.
    they will be a hit for sure, all the best!

  122. i love your vintage fabrics, so pretty! all your flickr stuff looks great to me!

  123. I think you’re doing great! I especially love the bright blue ones and the bright orange. The bright colors will definitely stick out at a show. My advice is to make sure those are out front at the show because they’ll entice people into your booth … people are usually attracted to lively colors like that. 🙂 Good luck!

    jennifereladd at yahoo dot com

  124. I love the bright fabrics! Very cute! I esp like the pears.
    seemommysew @gmailDOTcom

  125. You seem to be doing everything very well! I love the skirt, matching purse sets! Girls certainly are fun and easy to dress up cute..boys on the other hand are tougher…maybe try adding a few more items for boys? I have 6 grandsons so far and limited ideas for stuff for them.

  126. I love bright happy fabric. I would love to go to the market. We don’t have many craft markets here in Slovenia.

  127. I love the green floral fabric in DSC09273 pic. But everything is really cute!

  128. I am absolutely in love with your stuff! We have a lot in common as I just did my first craft fair and I only use recycled/vintage stuff. I am in LOVE with your fabrics, you find the best stuff! I think the items you have are good ones, they are both practical and fun. Focusing on kid’s stuff is smart because people have a weakness when it comes to buying cute stuff for their kids, I know i do! Making totes for my kids has been on the back-burner of my projects list for, what, months, I’m sure you know how that goes. Anyway, I wanted to be more specific and constructive but you know what you are doing! If I should be so lucky as to win, I’d love a dress for my two year old or one of those adorable sunhats (also, on the back-burner :)) Please visit my giveaway at I am busy trying to open my Etsy shop. Thanks for your generous giveaway! Marina

  129. Very nice stuff! Love this giveaway! I think I would say trousers… my daughter has a lot of dresses, but son gets passes over most of the time for cute clothes

  130. I love the dress and skirt combos with bags. adorable!

  131. I love all the retro looking floral fabrics! Thanks for the giveaway!

  132. How generous of you!!! Those little jumpers are so cute!

  133. i love all of your vintage fabric!! i especially love the red pants with the cross, the flowery blue-background skirt & hat & the turquoise dress with daisies!! nice work!

  134. I really like the little skirts and matching bags. The hats are adorable! If I won, I’d want a dress for sure.

  135. I really liked the skirts with matching bags. Especially the blue and white polka dot. I also like the jean looking pants with the floral cuff. thats what I would like. I really like all the pants and dresses.
    Thanks for a great giveaway.

  136. I love your ideas along with the fabrics! Matching skirts or dresses with a handbag? My daughter would be all over that! LOL! Of course, she would love for you to make her a dress if we win. Thanks for the chance!

  137. I love the little hats on your flickr page. Your vintage prints with large flowers are lovely.

  138. Love your stuff–I would like to see an action shot or two to see how the hats and such fit, though!

  139. I’m a huge fan of vintage patterns and love the flower fabrics. I love the dresses and would love to win one.
    Thanks for the chance to win.

  140. I like the skirts with matching bags. It is a cute idea. Thanks for the chance to win.

  141. So cute, I love that you use vintage fabrics.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  142. i love every thing you have on your flickr
    i think that you were able to creat “your own look”, which is good! cues that makes it special and diffarent. i think your choice of fabric is perfect and sewing skills are perfect as well.
    i can only sujest that maybe add some soft toys? i think it can be so cute with your beautiful fabric!

  143. and i blogged about your givewawy on my blog

  144. Given how many of your fabrics I want to add to your stash, I have to say that I love what you are making. That green, brown and white floral pinnie on your last flickr page is just divine.

  145. Love the dresses! Though my favorite is your alphabet cards. Very cute! I’d love to see the dresses modeled, with the hat and little tote bag.

    Thanks for the giveaway. Would love to win the dress for my 2 year old. 🙂

  146. I’m a big fan of the fabrics you’ve used! Make sure that you post a sign saying they are recycled/upcycled/etc…

  147. I love the fact that all the material is recycled! Cute designs, it’d be nice to see them on some kids.

  148. I like some of those bold floral prints. They remind me of the sheets I had when I was a kid. I really like your little dresses–the ones that are half patterned and half solid are my faves. And the pants with the big cuffs are way cute–they’d be really cute paired with matching hats.
    I’d choose a dress for my littlest.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  149. I think your flickr page looks great! I really like the fabric choices you have, especially DSC09271 Thanks for the chance

  150. very cute! i am quite fond of the vintage sheets with blue flowers. thank you for the giveaway.

  151. Oh I love those little dresses. The fabric just looks so touchable. I am a bit late for your market weekend but the pictures look like you have a great selection of things. I have the same fabric as this DSC09239 that I made a dress up for my dd with you can check it out at my blog. LOL. I love upcylcing. Have a great time at market.

  152. Candace Henderson

    I think that you should have done really well this weekend! The sets are great,…. the bags are cute and the pants are fun! THanks for the great giveaway! Good Luck!

  153. I love the multi colored floral print best, because I had sheets with that print when I was growing up!
    Your stuff is really cute – thanks for the giveaway!

  154. I really like all the dresses that you make and the fabric DSC09271 is my favorite! Love it! I really like the sun hats too!

  155. Thankyou for hosting such a generous giveaway! I love vintage and upcycled fabric so much 🙂
    I really love the matching bags and skirts. I loved having outfits like that when I was a little girl and I know my little girls do to! I’m sure they will be very popular at market.

  156. I love the fabric and I like the dress with only one fabric better. Also I have something to suggest. The hats are really cute, but maybe you could had a string? I know my kids always take off their hats and we loose three in the past summer when we went on strolls.

    Thanks for the giveaway! Happy holidays!

    misszucchini at yahoo dot ca

  157. Wow, you make beautiful things! I really like retro fabrics and denim… our sense of style seem to be similar 🙂 Great work!
    I love both the dress and the trousers but if I had to choose I’d say the dress. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  158. Even before I have looked in your Flickr I can already tell from the photos above, that you have excellent taste and an eye for fabric and pattern. The stuff looks good, and also very well made. So besides a keen eye you are certainly skilled. I will now go look at the Flickr, at least to salivate!

  159. I love your taylored style. The fabrics are great.
    kbsteuber at yahoo dot com

  160. I’m digging the BOLD floral patterns best. Cute dresses. I have a boy but, if I win I know a little girl that would look adorable in it.Thanks for sharing.

  161. I visited your photos, and I must say I’m in love with the vintage/retro flower fabrics that you use. I also like the matching dress and purses. Having said that, I think I would love to win the little trousers with the floral fabric on the cuff. Very cute! Thanks for the chance to win.

  162. Oh good luck at the market. I am sure you will do well. All of your stuff pictured is wonderful. I think a string on the hats would be alittle helpful. As a mom to a fair skinned child, I know I felt better when I knew she could not take the hat off. I love the first dress you posted in this post. Thanks for the giveaway.

  163. Your work is amazing! I just love it all!

  164. I love the simplicity of your designs…and well…I am a sucker for vintage prints and can’t say that there is anything I don’t like! All so cute!

  165. Wow, you have a discriminating eye for co-ordinating patterns! I especially love the green brown, white and tan patterened dress and tote -STUNNING!

  166. I especially like the greens and blues. These things are lovely!
    thanks for the giveaway op!

  167. The fabrics you have are gorgeous! I love the orange pear and blue flowers, especially. I don’t think you will have any problem selling any of the things you made. I would take one of everything if I could. 🙂

    I would love to win a new dress for my daughter.

  168. your workmanship and work are absolutely stunning…
    Thank you for your giveaway.
    Lucie (contact

  169. barefootquilter

    I like the turquoise material with white daisies. I think I would prefer a dress for my daughter.

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