A market update …

A post full of random ramblings on my journey so far to having a market stall.

– I have been remarkably relaxed about everything, until last night

– I realised that signing up for a market, having never sold anything and having no stock and the market date is just over two weeks away is really a bit silly!

– even more silly is having your husband start renovating the kitchen, when the kitchen table is the only cutting table I have

– my sewing room is soo messy that sometimes I put my scissors down and go to pick them up two minutes later and can’t find them

– do I really like making multiples of things?  Not sure of this yet.  It might be yes if things sell, it will definitely be no if I don’t

– which nicely leads on to “Will I actually sell anything?”

– I actually like all the things I’m making and could easily keep them for the girls

– haven’t even begun to think about tables, accessories, logisitics of the stall – making stock is keeping me busy

– maybe making a few things and have an online shop would work better when there’s two little ones around

– very pleased that I am actually cutting into fabric and enjoying it

plus myriad other thoughts as they occur!

6 days to go – finished items to date – just waiting to be tagged and priced

  • 2 toddler dresses
  • 2 little girl dresses with matching bag/sunhat
  • 1 skirt and matching bag
  • 2 pairs trousers
  • 2 pairs pedal pushers
  • 2 pairs shorts
  • 4 reversible sunhats

Doesn’t sound that much does it?  Plenty of things in progress so need to get busy!

Finally organised an flickr account so if you want to see the things I’ve made so far click here.  Would love any feedback – cheers. x


2 responses to “A market update …

  1. You have been very busy mama!
    I *love* all of the vintage fabrics and the way you have paired the colors! The dresses are wonderful and the hats are too sweet! You will do great : )

  2. These look superb. I would buy them in a jiffy if I were at your market! (Oh, and had a girl to buy for, but I’m sure I’d think of someone!). I can understand both your enthusiasm and dread of the market thing. I’m not sure I could do mass-production of anything either. Oh well, think of this first one as a *learning experience*… you’ll find your way I’m sure.

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