The eleven stages of washing …

1.  Uncollected dirty washing strewn around the house

2. Collected dirty washing in the basket in the laundry

3. Collected very dirty washing soaking in the tub

4. Clean wet washing in the washing machine

5. Clean wet washing in the basket waiting to be hung out (will the skies ever clear?!)

6. Clean very wet washing on the line I hung out yesterday only to be caught in a downpour

7. Clean dry washing on the airer which I was clever enough not to hang out yesterday

8. Clean dry washing in the tumble drier because I have to get some washing dry somehow

9. Clean dry washing crumpled in the basket awaiting folding

10. Clean dry washing on the ironing waiting to be ironed

11. Piles of folded laundry in bedrooms waiting to be put away

and right now I have each and every one in my house!!!  Have I missed any?

What does crafting make you neglect?!!!

I would like to say a BIG THANK YOU to all the lovely ladies who left a comment on my last post about markets.  Tomorrow the names will be put in the hat and a winner drawn.

Also just want to let you know that there’s a lovely giveaway over at GardenMama for a remembery.  What’s a remembery?  Head on over and find out – I think they’re beautiful. x


One response to “The eleven stages of washing …

  1. ha! yip! the washing drives me crazy!
    Good on you on the market venture, I’ve never done a market before. I’m sure it will be fun.

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