My creative space … and some questions please!

With Christmas postal deadlines looming and a market to prepare for I really should have stayed focussed, however having seen this lovely use of scraps and then linking to the tutorial I got distracted!  The result?  A 16″ quilted square to be used for … something!  I loved doing it and what a great use of little scraps, and I have PLENTY of those!

I didn’t feel too guilty because I’ve managed to get lots done, see here, and, as you can see, the doll is almost done.  It’s the first time I’ve made a doll and the face has been a sticking point – really all I need to do is the mouth but I seem to be stuck!

The two little notebooks were made from recyled paper with vintage picture book covers – an idea for the market.

So this is where I have my QUESTIONS.  I have seen how willingly many of you give advice/info/tips and I’d really like to tap into that if I may.  I know that a lot of you have done markets before and also that a lot of you go to craft markets. 

I guess my questions are:

Do you have any tips for me or can you point me to a blog/website that could help? 

Have any of you spent a lot of time doing something prior to a market only for it to be not be necessary? 

Did you find at your first market that you really wish you did/had something that would have made your life easier? 

Any practical tips for setting up a stall? 

Would you tend to make lots of a couple of products or less of more products?

And so the list goes on.  Really anything would help.  I’m very excited about the prospect of doing a market but would truly welcome any advice!

And of course I couldn’t ask for something and not give in return because that just wouldn’t be fair!  So as a BIG THANK YOU for any comments on this post EVERYONE will go into a hat and a person will be picked for a little something.  That little something hasn’t been made yet but I’m thinking vintage fabric, buttons, linens, Christmas ……..

Many thanks in anticipation! xx

Oh and be sure to check out everyone else’s creative space over at Kirsty’s.


13 responses to “My creative space … and some questions please!

  1. The doll and quilt are sooo sweet!
    Sorry I can’t really help out with any market advice as I’ve never done one. Very exciting that you are going to though.

  2. Amy from Badskirt has an excellent market preparation checklist in her sidebar. She’s seasoned so it’s a goodie.

    Good luck & have fun.

  3. Loving your creative space, good luck with the fair!

  4. I’m afraid I am less than no help at all with market pretaration tips – but I do wish you luck!

    I like your little dolly – mouth or no mouth!

  5. I wish I had advice, but I’ve not much experience in that arena. I do know a good display does it for me when I’m attending fairs. Good luck!

    Oh, and I love the dolly and the square. I think the square would be adorable bound as a mini quilt. It’s just perfect!

  6. What a great idea – I love it! Your scraps quilt looks fantastic 🙂 Sorry I can’t help with any markets questions but I can’t wait to read all the answers! 😉 K

  7. Eek! I have bitten off more than I can chew with the market thing – and am very much looking forward to hearing the advice! (Hey, and your doll looks gorgeous with or without mouth )…

  8. Your doll looks fabulous! Funny I am stuck on my doll’s mouth too.

    I find that every market I do is different and there are no hard and fast rules. We do farmers markets every weekend with organic fruit and veg and no matter what we always sell out but craft is weird. Sometimes the thing I am most excited about and think is a sure thing gets left behind while the last minute throw together stuff flies out, when other times people just pick stuff up and admire it to leave it behind. Pre christmas markets seem to be the best though. Make sure you price stuff at a price you would be happy to part with it. Phew what a ramble. hope it makes sense. Its HOT!!

  9. I find a market apron and a big float helpful. And yep I go for a smaller range of products but lots of it, I pick 4 or 5 of my most popular ranges and keep stocking it up all day. I’ve found that when I start to run low on one of them people buy less of that thing, I think people like to see a lot of one thing in different fabrics to make a decision from.
    For some market inspiration head to the BrisStyle blog where we’ve all been sharing our preparations for our December market Also check out market stall images on flickr.

  10. Good questions… and no answers from me! I guess as a customer I would suggest a good diversity of products (more than 5, less than 10?!) and ‘enough’ on display of each depending on what they are (more of small items, less of big?).

    I’ve had my eye on making that scrap quilt too, I think it’s adorable. Although of course I thought I’d tackle it for a massive quilt… because there aren’t many dolls in these parts yet!

  11. Great questions. From a customers point of view – variety of product and price points; colourful and interesting display that makes me want to look around; business cards available; plenty of change and/or credit card facilities and/or directions to the nearest ATM. Most importantly – a big smile! Phew – practical, but hopefully helpful! Good luck!

  12. Can’t help with the market tips sorry but I did want to congratulate you on the doll – she is lovely, even without a mouth. I made a softie over 2 years ago that still doesn’t have a face. Children that visit now call her ‘No Face’ so I’ve decided I can’t add a face now x

  13. I have a lot of fabric scraps too and the dolly quilt is such a great idea and looks too beautiful! The doll is gorgeous too, just have a practice drawing mouths on scraps of paper until you find the right one, I’m sure you’ll get there!

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