Did the earth move for you too? …

I am still fascinated and terrified of earthquakes in equal measure and today I got another jolt, literally, of reality that we are sitting upon one of the world’s active fault lines!

18 November 7.04am 5.1 40km 10km south of Palmerston

Info all gleaned from geonet a great website where you can see all recent seismic activity (not a topic of huge discussion in the middle of England where I’m from!).

It was quite surreal because I was on the phone to my dad, in the aforementioned middle if England, and I heard a really loud noise, almost like a huge (and we’ve just had another aftershock whilst I’m typing!!!!!) tanker going very fast down the road, then it was quiet and still and then the shaking started.  It’s so strange – I can’t get my head around them.  I always wonder should I actually be doing something, eg gathering up the children, getting under the doorway or table, but by the time my brain’s caught up to the fact that it is an earthquake, my body’s always ahead of me there, it’s nearly always over.  And I don’t want to unduly alarm the children so I guess I just have to hope that they do in fact stop pretty soon after they start!! x



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