Working my way down the list …

The deadline for sending post to the UK is fast approaching so I thought I’d take stock of what had been achieved, rather than worrying about what has yet to be done.

From start to finish – hurray!  I loved the idea when I saw it on the net before the release of Amanda Soule’s Handmade Home and having now got the book it reminded me to do some more!  Note to self:  Do one to keep – just for ME!

I love how you can individualise (is that a word?!) things when you hand make them.  The back of the bookmark on the left is made from vintage Laura Ashley fabric which we had in one of our houses and that’s going to my sister.  One of the purple pieces on the bookmark on the right was wrapped around something sent to me by my sister in law and now it’s returning to her on this!

Tree decorations by Little Miss Brown (we will be making somemore of these for us!).  A little thrifty aside – the string which these will hang from comes from some thrifted fabric that frayed when I washed it – waste not, want not!

A wonderful Christmas picture by Little Miss Blue – all offcuts from my scrap basket of course!

I’m in love with children’s art!

These were the snowflakes that featured in My Creative Space and I didn’t know if I liked them or not – well I’m still not sure!  The pattern said to soak them in fabric stiffener to retain their shape.  I didn’t want to buy something else so I used my normal PVA glue watered down a bit.  It’s worked but has altered the colour of the yarn where it’s really soaked in so they don’t look great.  If anyone has any other alternatives for stiffening yarn/fabric then I’d love to hear – non-toxic ones would be a huge bonus!

Quite a lot done in all when I see it like this.  Now only a doll to finish, cards to write and think of something to make for my dad and, of course, make it in time! xx



4 responses to “Working my way down the list …

  1. These artworks are priceless. Thanks for reminding me about the Handmade Home idea – I love it too. It’s now on my list!

  2. I’m in love with YOUR children’s art! Can’t wait until mine are old enough to draw something slightly discernable… I’ll be embroidering it for sure.

  3. well done! Especially LOVE the bookmarks!

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