A one man (girl) show …

As is so often the case I can’t really recall how this started but to set the scene the two little ones were drawing, that lead to songs about what they were drawing and that inevitably led to dancing to the songs they were singing about the drawings!!  With me so far?!


Learning the dance moves


Some more practising


This was for the ‘Glasses Song’ of course!  But they also seem to transfer status of teacher to Little Miss Brown.


The frustrated Madame!  “Aya ya! Vere do zey get zese students from?” (In a fake Russian accent!)


The maestro at work!  Little Miss Brown carfeully transferring her ‘songs’ from white board to book before Little Miss Blue rubs them out!


One response to “A one man (girl) show …

  1. Thanks for stopping by! Your place looks a bit like ours – dress-ups + singing + dancing is a daily occurrence round here!

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