My creative space…

Why do I gravitate towards the smallest, most cramped space in the house?!!!  This week everything seems to be happening on my ironing board!


I had every good intention of working on the things I had sorted out last week but then things changed!  I found out the last posting day for economy mail to the UK is 23 November so I realised I had better start working on some things to send for presents for my family over there.  Little Miss Brown did some drawings and I’m going to embroider them and make into bookmarks like this.


Some crochet snowflakes in the making – not quite sure whether I like them yet!


The other thing that happened was finding out that a weekend craft market is going to be starting up in our town.  I’ve been toying with the idea of markets for some time and it seems like too good an opportunity to pass up.  Although I still have lots to consider it has to be done very quickly because they’re going to start at end of November!!!!  So whilst I’m thinking I thought I’d get some reversible sunhats cut out.


The hats are from a pattern I made up a while ago and whenever the girls wear them they get lots of compliments so I thought they might be something good to sell.  They’ll look like these:


And in the background you might have spotted some doll’s faces.  I’ve been playing!  The idea was for a babushka doll to go on the wall.  The results so far?


Still not quite finished and some tinkering to do but I think I like them.  I like the idea of having a row of them decreasing in size on the wall.  You might also spot that the dress of one of the dolls is the same as one of the sunhats – it was oringally a pillowcase.  All the fabric I’m using is recycled, pre-loved, thrifted etc and it’s great to actually be cutting into it and using it (instead of washing, ironing and hoarding!!).

So with a little bit quilting thrown in too it’s been a pretty busy week!

To see lots more creativeness pop over here.




12 responses to “My creative space…

  1. oh your Babushka’s are so lovely. The ironing board is where it is at, I wish I had room to keep mine out in the open

  2. thank you for your kind comment. your space looks full of creativity, lots of fun.

    you are most welcome to use my top as inspiration to refashion yours – would love to see how they look 🙂

  3. ooh, you have been busy! my ironing board always looks like that, good thing I don’t actually iron!

  4. What a lovely idea for bookmarks! I like your snowflakes.

  5. God bless the ironing board, so say I! I love the hats :->

  6. What a wonderful cacophony of different fabrics and colours. I can’t believe you can find so many great thrifted fabrics. It all looks great and very productive.

  7. I also leave everything on the ironing board, it’s the only way it gets any use at the moment!
    Strangely I have been thinking about snowflake crocheting all day and was just going to have a look online for a pattern, love yours.
    By the way don’t trust Royal Mail they lie, and they’ve been on strike so probably really behind, send as soon as you can! x

  8. What a great space – I love the overflowing ironing board – makes me feel better about mine when I’m in sewing mode! Love your hats and dolls too.

  9. Wow! What an amazing amount of crafting going on at yours! They all look fabulous. I think the hats will be big sellers and those wall dolls are just great. K

  10. I really like your book mark idea..that is clever..The hats are just precious and the Doll idea is so cool I think it will look fab!!

  11. awesome, you have been busy! It all looks so cool. I’m laughing at the overflowing ironing board, looks like my workspace. Piles upon piles.

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