The truth behind the picture …

Last night’s pudding …

I could have gone “Ta da!  Homemade meringue nests topped with whipped cream, fresh NZ strawberries and a spring of mint from the garden” and left it at that.


But then we all know life’s just not like that!


The mess behind the creation!  Not taking into the account the sink, the draining board and the meringue crumbs on the floor where I dropped one.  Aaaaah real life! x


4 responses to “The truth behind the picture …

  1. What a great way of looking at things! And your kitchen is way tidier than mine after a baking session… dessert looks delicious.

  2. Caught up with you at last ~ been thinking about where you had got to…….that dessert looks so good ~ bring on

  3. Looking very domestic goddess like. Even the dishes have a colour theme. Looking forward to reading about more adventures.

  4. hahhaaa, I hide alot behind the scenes aswell…mess that is, I manage a few more than a few crumbs 🙂
    thanks so much for popping by.

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