A taste of things to come …


Herbs from the garden going into this:


to go on top of this:


to be eaten al fresco!


And then some after dinner ‘drizzling’ – what more can you ask for?!

We had a beautiful spring day today (in fact more like a summer day in England) and I have taken some time to reflect on the changes we’ve been through and found many things to be thankful for:

:: Little Miss Brown has returned to being the happy, friendly little girl we know and love

:: the girls are getting on tremendously and are indulging in the most amazing imaginative play together

:: we are all happy and healthy

:: the sky is blue and the sun is out

:: I am lucky to have met some people in the short time I have been here who have offered me great support recently – thank you very much

Wishing you an extremely happy weekend! xx


2 responses to “A taste of things to come …

  1. Looks like a yummy meal and all homemade, delicious. Your girls look like they are enjoying the sun and having lots of fun.

  2. Yum! I want to come and live at your house!

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