My Creative Space


Certainly not as messy as it has been but not really conducive to easy sewing!


My nod to organisation yesterday was to go through some op shopped linens and sort out which ones could be cut up and used for other things.  I buy most of them with the idea of using them for something else and then once they are washed and ironed I am very hesitant to cut them.  So my new criteria is if they have any marks or blemishes then I will re-purpose them.  Contained in the wonderful blue floral knitting holder (a great garage sale find) is:


an old hand embroidered cot sheet.  This is so soft and beautiful to touch but we don’t have a cot so I thought it could be a drawstring bag for pyjamas, some hand made linen napkins which are destined to be girl’s headscarves, two blue doilies which I think are going to be a zippered purse of some sort and then there is the beautiful doily with the owls on it.  I think that deserves a closer look!


I wasn’t go to use this for anything else but the big black stain at the bottom just won’t budge so I thought I would make it into a cushion/pillow cover and it would be perfect for one of my little girls to go to bed with.

I haven’t played along here for a little while now and I’ve really missed it.  It’s like a self-enforced deadline – now these things are up here I’m going to have to do something with them!

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17 responses to “My Creative Space

  1. So cute! What fabulous op finds! 🙂 K

  2. I love all your op shop finds, especially the owl doily. I have a soft spot for doilies. Enjoy your repurposing.:)

  3. Ooooh – that owl doily is amazing!

  4. Great beautiful finds…I am sure your choice of re-purpose will be well worth the sacrifice of cutting them up 🙂

  5. Gooly gee that owl doily is so beautiful! What a find! A pillow is a great idea.

  6. I really like that owl linen, quite unusual! I think it will be a lovely little cushion and a great way to use something that is stained. Hope your little girl loves it! xo

  7. Fab op finds – I love the thought of the little owl pillow. Your creative space is lovely too, so much to look at!

  8. what a lovely list of great finds and fabulous repurposing ideas. really enjoyed reading your post!

  9. Great finds, and I’m imporessed with your “nod” to organisation – must do that too at some stage!

  10. Lovely Creative Space!

  11. what fun…lovely goodies…my sewing space looks like this too…trouble is when i clean/tidy it the inspiration seems to go out the window..:)

  12. Such lovely finds, thanks for sharing.

    My sewing room is almost impossible at the moment….just a wee space like a cocoon around my machines to squeeze in & sew!

  13. Your space looks like it’s just ready and waiting for you to get in and start sewing. Ready…set….go…

  14. Yay! So happy to have you back. And I’m of course LOVING your linens. They are perfect. I think I’ll try to do what you’re doing and keep the ‘good ones’ while repurposing the stained ones. So much potential… I’ll be curious to know what your big project is.

    • Just found a load of comments in my SPAM folder – whoops!! I’m soooo bad at keeping everything that I thought if I was ruthless with my thrifted linens then it would be a VERY good thing! —– Original Message —–

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