So the daunting job of filling a blank screen is before me!

I have had a blog before and enjoyed it but things change and I haven’t blogged now for a fair few months. 

In fact lots of things have changed:

my eldest daughter turned 5 – she started school – and now she’s finished school!  More on that later.

my youngest turned 3 – she now sleeps in her own bed.

my Dad started chemo for the later stages of advanced prostate cancer – we’re in New Zealand and he’s in the UK.

I went to the doctor’s for one thing and the next day I was having a CT scan looking for lesions (read tumour) in my brain!  Everything’s clear thank god but the 36 hours of wondering if I had something has really, really changed my outlook on life!!!!

So new start, new blog!  Please bear with me because WordPress is new to me but I have seen some great blogs on it that I thought I’d try.

I guess this is going to be a place for me to write and remember about our family life and our journey to make that a greener, simpler life in the land of the long white cloud.

Home is for where we spend a lot of time – our wedding ceremony was at home, our girls were born at home and we are now going to homeschool.

Heart is for loving life and those around you, doing what you are passionate about, caring and nourishing the earth.

Happiness – well hopefully that will be the outcome of the first two!

I’d love you to join me on our journey and would love to pop over to see your story so please feel free to leave a comment.


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